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"If you don't get right, you gone get left..."


Building a website that is genuinely better than all of your competitors isn’t a walk in the park. Most of the time it is both challenging and expensive.


At Credibility Kings, we have gotten this down to a science and are able to deliver Best in Industry Websites at honestly an incredible value.


But first and foremost, we want to empower young entrepreneurs whether they are in a position to financially invest in themselves or not 


So we put together a guide on how we get the job done for you guys 


Click Here to Get the guide

News Media Publishing

Navigating the Press Release Industry also isn’t something that is incredibly easy or without risk. Not only are there a lot of scams but getting a news piece that is well written enough to get picked up by any meaningful publications is going to cost around $300 just itself unless you are a great writer yourself. Then you are looking at another $300 to run the actual release at a significant level with a premier provider. 


At Credibility Kings, we have delivered exciting and engaging news articles that get picked up by publications like Yahoo Finance, Marketwatch, Business Insider, Morningstar, CBS, ABC News, and many more. 

But here’s the deal.


We want to empower young entrepreneurs whether they are at a position to financially invest in themselves or not 


So we put together another guide for you guys on what compelling PR looks like and how to navigate the industry without getting scammed or nickel and dimed every step of the way.


Click Here to Get the Guide


OR if you are in a place where you are confident with your business offer but you don’t appear as a leader, then you can schedule a call with us to learn more about how we can rapidly turn you into an industry leader though digital credibility 

Direct-Market Visibility

Seo by itself is a HUGE industry. Without any at all, your website isn’t going to show up on google even if you type your url directly into the search bar. At Cred Kings, Nick comes from a background in Digital Marketing ( collegiate and professional ) and Tom has years of experience at growing social accounts for pennies on the dollar


Once again, we decided to bring you all some more value and give you a guide on Visibility


Click Here to get the Guide


This is our solution to online credibility. By combining a Best-In-Industry Website, Click-For-Proof Media, and Direct-Market Visibility, we are able to dramatically accelerate the digital credibility of our clients. At CredKings, we pride ourselves in providing the only solution that puts you on the same playing field as all of the premier players in our industry, at an unbeatable value.

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